Zach Steffey


Miranda Veil! Just released all major streaming platforms via Lionsgate indie sub "Indiecon"

OMG- just spent 10 days in Austria! Nice role in "The Town Called Purgatory" A Matt Servitto, Dan DeLuca & Ken Arnold horror film.  What a set, what a crew, the actors. Has to be one of the best experiences ever. AND, a beautiful country with awesome folks. WOW

"Air Speed-The Fast and the Fierce" Asylum Productions (Syfy) just dropped on Apple TV+, super excited. 

Great indie film "The Early Demise of Miranda Veil" dropping soon.

Ok that was Walmart! Cool virtual reality training film. Great fun, compliment from the WM team.

Booked a spot for a, hmmm well lets say I have to wear a Blue Polo type shirt. Cool

Was that a SAG residual for Mindhunter/ Netflix??? WOW

Check out a couple new headshots!

Wrapped "The Untimely Demise of Miranda Veil! Play a sociopath serial killer. Whew. Great young director, great cast & crew. 

See the 1st trailer:

Finished Improv 2 at Second City!

Wrapped! 3 weeks in Maryland & Berkeley Springs West VA shooting Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws. Met Hollywood Royalty and many very talented area actors. More to come soon. Great cast, crew and producers! Check out the pics.

Excited to announce I'll be playing Chuck Tilghman, Bill Tilghman's son (played by Ken Arnold) in a classic western feature film produced by Wayne Shipley. Shoots in West VA in April. I am stoked and thanks to Ken and Robert Neal Marshall for the referral and support. #westernfilm #horsebackriding #gunslinger

Accepted as a member and attended several classes at One on One/ Next Level Studios. Great group of industry pros.

Please see my new dramatic and general REELS! Just uploaded.

!!! BIG news- Mindhunter, a David Fincher/ Netflix production is now live, please check me out in ep.1!!!

Please go to and check out "A Grunts Life", dark humor about Marine life, NOT for the squeamish!

Remember to see "The Fast and the Furious" from Asylum Productions!

Getting back to coaching some of my wildly successful "nuggets". Love those guys.

Standing by on Fox Network audition for Guest Star on major series (and one for a co-star).

Fantastic shoot recurring role for "A Grunts Life" on huge set near San Diego! More soon on this 10 ep. show.

Great Project coming in July!  10 episode mini series about Army life in combat zones, more coming. Very excited!!

Shot hair commercial with Megan Fox as the principal, whew!!

The Fast and the Fierce is now online youtube, itunes, amazon and more!

Name Change! Airspeed is now "The Fast and Fierce", premiers April 4th, details coming. See the trailer:

Look for Airspeed on Syfy Premier coming  soon!! 

Large commercial- call backs, "on avail", but alas, close not quite. 

See me in Ice Cold Killers ep. 5.02 "Ice Cold Heart" airing now!!

Margie Haber Master intensive weekend was awesome! Signed up and starting her Master Class, looking forward to new challenges!

New Headshots!!

Wrapped guest star on Mindhunter, a new Netflix series! Got to work with David Fincher, Jonathan Groff, Cotter Smith and and a great cast and crew! Made some new friends, hope all of our paths cross many times. Thanks so much to Sylvia Hutson (yep she is a rock star), Donna Belajac and Laray Mayfield casting! Shot in Pittsburg. Incredible experience.

Whew Hoo, just wrapped Lead role in a Asylum Productions thriller, written  by Scotty Mullen. What a great time, great script, awesome cast, the crew were pros! Scotty is wonderful to work with. More info coming. Did I say that was really awesome!!!!!

Heading back east end of May to finish the M2 project, can't wait!

Wow! Just returned from Fairbanks, Alaska shooting a guest star spot for a new show, more on that later. Thanks M2 and Sylvia Hutson-again!!!!

See BuzzFeed for fun vid me and my pop did on "Kids sex talk with Parents". What a hoot and millions of views!!!!!

Thanks to Gala Productions in Canada, eh! Great shoot for National Parks Secrets & Legends, season 2. Great crew and actors.

Now Studying at Ivana Chubbuck's Studio. Intense and disciplined, lots of work but really fun.

Please check out youth coaching at The kids are knocking it out of the park!

Leslie Kahn Comedy workshop is awesome. I'll def be going back.

Shot fun job for new speaker tech. Name of product withheld but look for the "Bees in the Trees".

Great Audition for co-star role in Powers!

BIG News! Just signed with The David Kohl Group-a Division of Stein Entertainment Management! Really excited, he is a great manager and many of my friends recommend him highly!

Studying at Anthony Meindl's classes and workshops. Very good stuff. 

Booked two week shoot back home for Indie in November.

Update! One of my students is Screen Testing at Nickelodeon in Florida this week! Awesome.

Coaching youth at, over 60 kids in network, a dozen national commercials and I have 3 private students at Network audition level!! Break a Leg guys!

Game show pilot shoot was a blast, I was a plant in the Audience. Fun.

Working lots of Auditions, couple great Callbacks and meeting lots of awesome folks in the Biz! Loving LA. 

Booked International Commercial "episodic" for Capital One! Just wrapped 7 day shoot in Richmond, VA. Have another 6 episodes to do in March 2015. Great cast, crew production! Tons of fun and can't wait for more. Thanks Hutson Talent!


Just Signed with Sovereign Talent Group in LA for Commercial representation, I am stoked! Super nice folks can't wait to work with them. 

Worked on a Daimler Benz Spot. Taught some German folks about American Football. great crew!

Started Classes at UCB, Upright Citizens. Great Improv, the best!

Working with JP Turnball at Great classes and workshops!


Shot a commercial for Budlight Lime! Thanks Nick at Riotmaker TV!


BIG News! Moved to LA! Great place in Burbank. Looking forawrd to working with and meeting new folks, friends and industry.



In case you missed it, my little part in House of Cards upgraded to Co-Star! Too cool, Thanks KTK, LLC Mr. Spacey and Kinberyl Skyme Casting.


Thanks to Scott Tremper at Woofound for the web/ commercial job! Great time and incredible APP!



Shot a "Drunk Dude" for MBox Communications to promote plastics, Yea! Great folks, wonderful shoot.


Just wrapped 3 day shoot with M2 Pictures for a new show "Happily Never After". great cast and crew. Thanks Sylvia Hutson!


Awesome Showcase in LA with Actors Connection, great time, met some wonderful actors, CD's and agents!


"Standing Strong" is the title for the Will Interactive film we shot in Oklahoma, check it out on IMDB!


Headed to Actors Connection showcase in LA on the 25th, can't wait!


Wrapped Guest Star on Nightmare Next Door for Sirens and Discovery!


House of Cards Principal Stand in for 2 days! Very fun, great crew and casting folks- Thanks Kimberly Skyrme Casting!!


Look for my Spokesperson vid for Univ. of MD, in Montgomery County major theaters and cable.


Did a cool bit on House of Cards. little speaking, (will any of it make it on screen?)


Just Wrapped Guest Star in Monsters and Mysteries shoot in Hampton, VA. Sylvia Hutson does it again! Thanks!


"Sharp" the 10 day shoot in Oklahoma was incredible!  Look for the Short next year. Thanks Will Interactive and Sareva!


New headshots.... by Joe Henson NYC


In Oklahoma shooting at Fort Bliss, great cast and crew, intense scenes!


Wrapped "That Guy" print job, can't wait to see the calender! Another Taylor Royall booking!


Wrapped! Distracted driving PSA- thanks again to Taylor Royall!


Wrapped Homeland Security PSA! (I was the bad guy), thanks Pat Moran Associates!



Just wrapped Regional Commercial for House Autry Grits! thanks Maultsby Talent and Corrigan & Johnston! Great production crew and director!


Watch for my episodes on "When Ghosts Attack" and "Southern Fried Homicide" on Discovery! Love working with the gang at Sirens Media!! 


Just wrapped Guest Star on Wicked Attractions! Great cast, crew and director. Thanks Sylvia Hutson for casting!


I Love College! Over 100,000 views on youtube, featured on Funny or Die and NOW #1 at Amazon Studios; Casting by Liquid Talent, Sheri Bias and also to Henry Jaderlund!


Check it out and review and make (kind) remarks! See Our Times Square Billboard on Fun pics tab!


"I Love College" a college lifestyle TV pilot (Lead) has almost 50,000 views!!! Lots of good press, check it out!


AWESOME MOVIE (Lead) in post. Check out;


Evil Twins (Lead) now showing on ID Discovery!


Hanging out with Julia on the VEEP set, great day, thanks Pat Moran & Assoc.!


Now Playing, repeats and On Demand! A Haunting (Lead/ Guest Star)- "Blood Visions" on Destination America!


Now Playing, Nightmare Next Door and Deadly affiars for Sirens Media on ID Discovery! Watch for reapeats and On Demand!


Just wrapped Lead/ Guest Star on "Evil Twins" for Sirens Media and Discovery!


On Set- Witches of "East End" Pilot!


Recently on set for Paranioa in Philly- thanks Heery!


Just Wrapped Lead for "I Love College" Sitcom pilot! Awesome cast and crew, wonderful story and script!


Wrapped Lead in "A Summers Diary" comedy feature. 1st of 3 movies by great young writers.


Check out new clips in REEL section